Premium Wide Wall Cabinet, 28.3"W x 42"H x 8"D, WALLAroo® 6600 Series

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WALLAroo 6600 Series

This extra deep workstation is ideal for storing larger electronics like a monitor, keyboard and CPU as well as essential supplies and medications conveniently at the point of care. Its 8” depth will easily accommodate a Carstens articulating arm (6700-00 - not included) for monitor and keyboard mounting. Its two-compartment setup also makes it ideal for storing smaller electronics like tablets and laptops in one compartment while storing charts, supplies and medications in the other. When open, the lower door serves as a large work surface for keyboards, laptops, charts, medication prep and more.

The top and bottom compartments lock separately ensuring the unit’s contents remain securely stored.

  • Contoured, sculpted design and quiet operation
  • Matte finish minimizes fingerprints and glare
  • Powder coat exterior is bleach resistant, ideal for infection control
  • Vent holes and fans are optional (see 6600 Series spec sheet)
  • 7 side panel color options
  • Does not come with shelves or mounting accessories for electronics

Maximize this unit’s capacity and versatility with a Carstens adjustable shelving kit for meds & supplies, or retainer bars for charts and tablets. This unit accommodates Carstens articulating arm (6700-00) which holds a monitor and keyboard tray – great for helping you keep eye contact with patients while recording health records.

More Information
Product Width 22"-29"
Closing Style Lower door available with Auto-Close or Push-to-Close gas cylinder.
Specify at time of order.
Details Features include: dual locks and easy access to hardware for maintenance. Computer cooling fans are optional in upper and lower compartment.
Product Dimensions Exterior Dimensions: 28.3"W x 42"H x 8"D;
Interior Dimensions: 24.7"W x 14.8"H x 7.12"D (upper compartment), 24.7"W x 17.8"H x 7.12"D (lower compartment)
Work Surface Size 26.5" wide x 18.25" deep
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