Today’s ever-changing healthcare environment requires versatile solutions that have the ability to adapt. This means integrating more advanced technology at the point-of-care, providing support for electronic health records, and increasing productivity and patient satisfaction.

As the original manufacturer of the WALLAroo®, the first wall-mounted workstation, Carstens understands the evolving needs of healthcare organizations and their employees. Our popular WALLAroo® line is consistently updated to include the latest technology advancements and add functional features and accessories. WALLAroo® workstations are available in a variety of sizes, colors, and configurations to meet specific needs of your healthcare facility.

Carstens offers additional space saving workstations such as the WALLAdesk™ fold up work surfaces and Reach 360 computer mounting systems.

Reach 360° tablet and monitor mounts/stands
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Reach 360° tablet and monitor mounts/stands

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