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Four Simple Steps
Build Your WALLAroo®

Customize Your WALLAroo

Build Your Own

WALLAroo® wall-mounted cabinets and workstations from Carstens make it easy to store medications, supplies, electronics, valuables, and more at the point-of-care in a variety of healthcare settings. WALLAroo® cabinets are available in multiple sizes, colors, and lock options. They can be fully customized to meet the needs and aesthetics of any facility. Explore the possibilities and build your own WALLAroo® today.

Customize your dimensions

Choose Your Size

The sleek, space-saving design of our WALLAroo® workstations allows you to complement any décor and fit into even small areas as needed—so you can express your design vision and maximize the potential use of your space. You can choose a size that works for your space.

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Secure Your WALLAroo®

Choose Your Lock

Select a lock that matches the needs of your clients. We offer traditional options like key locks along with keypads that automatically lock the cabinet and keypads that lock the cabinet with a turn of a nob. Our locks option include:

  • Key Lock
  • Keypad Auto Lock
  • Keypad Manual Lock

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Customize the Colors

Design Your WALLAroo®

The WALLAroo® can be configured with an array of fashionable colors, finishes and selections to create the ideal ROO FOR YOU. Select a side panel color and door color to fit the needs of your client.




It is easy to add WALLAroo accessories allowing designers to add extra features to these cabinets to meet the unique purpose of each cabinet.

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New from Carstens, the WALLAroo FIT™ recessed storage system is designed to maximize employee efficiency and also save floor space for optimally designed healthcare architecture. Available in three depths and a variety of configurations, the WALLAroo FIT™ can completely transform any healthcare facility.

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How to Save Lives Through Healthcare Architecture
Carstens' White Paper: Decentralized Medication Distribution

How Carstens Decentralized Medical Distribution Systems Save Lives, Money & Time

Some stats to consider:

  • Medication errors cause at least one death every day. (FDA)
  • It is estimated that 7,000 people die each year from medication.
  • In medium and large facilities, and to an extent in small facilities, having a single centralized distribution station can cause over 50% of a clinician’s time to spent away from the patient, negatively impacting the patient’s experience.

The Carsten’s White Paper examines how the role of decentralized medication distribution impacts nurses’ time at the bedside and medication errors.

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