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Preventing Unforced Errors

You can probably guess the top two causes of death in the United States – heart disease and cancer. But do you know what ranks as number three? It’s not car collisions, nor is it diabetes. The shocking answer: medical errors.

According to a 2013 article in the Journal of Patient Safety, researchers estimate that over 400,000 preventable deaths occur each year as a result of medical errors.[1] Not only are these mistakes tragic, they’re also expensive. A 2008 study pegs their annual cost at an astounding $19.5 billion.[2]

Preventable deaths, poor patient treatment outcomes, costly additional care, expensive litigation, and incalculable damage to a facility’s reputation all result from carelessness. But at Carstens, we help stop these unforced errors.

Carstens has specialized in delivering superior healthcare support products and tools to help maximize positive patient outcomes for 125 years. Our catalog includes versatile solutions for secure medication distribution, patient records management, supply storage, electronic equipment, technology integration, and more. We pioneered methods to bring patient information to the point-of-care, and continue to do so with our most popular organizational solution, the WALLAroo® workstation.

WALLAroo® workstations give clinicians secure and easy access to point-of-care essentials, allowing them to manage patient records, electronic equipment, supplies, and medication, all while encouraging personal interaction for enhanced patient experiences.

  • But what if my facility has limited space available?

If you’re short on space, we have a solution. Our Half-A-Roo™ (WALLAroo® 6650 Series) delivers easy access to medications, PPE, small equipment, supplies, and handheld tablets all in a convenient, space-saving design.

  • Do the workstations meet code restrictions?

Every unit we manufacture is designed to meet both hospital codes and ADA requirements in terms of operability.

  • What’s commonly stored within the units?

The units are designed to house patient supplies, medications, EHR equipment, and computers or tablets. We’ve also added the WALLAroo® 53300 Series to the WALLAroo® family, which allows for a more compact and secure technology option. As with all units, the WALLAroo®  53300 can be equipped with an Electronic Keyless Slam Lock to ensure tight security.

  • What if I need to provide limited access to the units for IT personnel?

The WALLAroo® 6620 Series (formerly XT) can store full-size computers and comes with added security features that include dual locking compartments, providing limited access to IT personnel, while only allowing for medication and supplies to remain accessible to clinicians.

  • What are the added benefits of the WALLAroo® 6670 Series?

The WALLAroo® 6670 Series (formerly XTT) contains all the features of the WALLAroo® 6620, but with 40% more space within the upper compartment. That means it can store more critical supplies, and serve as a complete point-of-care workstation for two patients.

  • What are some additional accessories for preventing unforced errors ?

Workstations can be customized with optional lockable med boxes for narcotics, articulating arms and table mounts for EHR equipment, retainer bars for supplies, and adjustable shelving kits to ensure your WALLAroo® fits your needs.

Preventable medical errors adversely impact families and clinical facilities, but the right tools can drastically decrease the occurrence of these mistakes. WALLAroo® workstations are specifically designed to help facilitate better workflow for improved patient care by putting medication, supplies, and EHR equipment right where clinicians need it most. If you want to learn more about our customizable product line, visit us online at today or call one of our experts for advice at 1.800.782.1524.

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