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Infection prevention and workflow improvements for dialysis clinics

Dialysis clinics looking for workflow solutions typically utilize products that allow them to streamline their workflow and keep vital supplies on hand. In many cases, this may be mobile carts that are slim enough to maneuver easily through tight areas in a busy clinic and have additional options to customize the cart to particular purposes.

Products like Carsten’s WALKAroo™ Slimline Cart are already used by many dialysis clinics, favored for their streamlined design and compact footprint. The carts can be easily wheeled between small areas within the clinic and can be configured with exam glove box holders. The desktop of the cart is spacious enough to hold an EHR terminal and even mobile tablet mounts.

The ability to move easily in any direction and fit into the sometimes small spaces between dialysis chairs and machines in the clinic ensures that clinicians can quickly access supplies and electronic health records.

Mobile clinical workstations, like the WALKAroo™ Slimline Cart, improve workflow for clinicians by providing them with the access to electronic health records. Clinicians utilizing a mobile cart are able to provide full patient EHR access and navigate small areas, reducing or eliminating the need to travel back and forth between the cart and the patient.

With the exam gloves close at hand, potential infections can be summarily avoided. While these capabilities are important for all clinicians, it is of particular vital importance to dialysis patients, who have an increased risk for a healthcare associatedinfection.

Those undergoing hemodialysis are at a high risk for infection due to the frequent use of catheters or needles to access their bloodstream. In addition to these risk factors is the weakened immune system responses of hemodialysis patients. The CDC estimates that 37,000 central line-associated bloodstream infections occurred in hemodialysis patients in 2008.

Mobile clinical workstations, like the WALKAroo ™ Slimline Cart, keep EHR records on hand and are an important step to reducing or eliminating the serious infections faced by dialysis patients. The ease of movement and availability of records at the point of care ensure that clinicians have more time to spend with the patient, and may be able to spot potential problems more quickly.

Carstens is proud to produce innovative products that provide clinicians with solutions to some of the healthcare field’s greatest challenges and is continuing in this endeavor by providing more infection prevention capabilities. In this regard, Carstens is planning on introducing a special infection prevention cart that will be designed to hold items that reduce the spread of bacteria such as sanitizer, gloves, gowns, face masks and more. Carstens also carries charting supplies with custom imprinting and hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis divider sets, condition alert sheets, clipboards and labels. For more information visit our website or call us at 1-800-782-1524, or 708-669-1500 if you are in the local Chicago area.

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