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Healthcare Gets A Lifeline From EHR

The transition to paperless documents and recordkeeping continues in every market segment as the world becomes increasingly digitized. Electronic archives offer the advantages of dramatically improved efficiency and operational cost savings compared to handwritten or printed documents. It’s only natural that many industries are adopting them. Perhaps no sector better capitalizes on the benefits of digitization than the healthcare field. Electronic Health Records (EHR) allow doctors to more effectively serve patients, provide better care and treatment and literally save lives.

Today, more and more hospitals are doing away with paper health records in favor of EHR, but often find that making the conversion requires a Herculean effort.

Ten years ago Rockford Memorial Hospital in Rockford, Illinois made the smart decision to modernize their care and their facilities, which included converting their patients’ health records to EHR. In doing so, the hospital knew it would face difficult challenges including staff resistance, technical difficulties, disrupted workflow, and a steep equipment learning curve. In order to overcome these obstacles, Rockford Memorial, led by project manager and facilities manager Larry Minor began to evaluate their options. They came across the WALLAROO® workstation and realized it was theanwser to their many challenges.

For over 125 years, Carstens has provided the healthcare industry with versatile solutions for secure medication distribution, patient records management, supply storage, electronic equipment, and technology integration. We excel in creating customizable options to meet the unique requirements of our clients. When assessing the needs and goals of the Rockford project, Carstens and the hospital concluded WALLAROO® wall mounted workstations would yield the greatest positive results and success.

WALLAROO® workstations are designed to integrate into the workflow and traffic patterns of healthcare clinicians by keeping medication, supplies, and EHR equipment near the patient. The result is reduced medication errors and drug diversions, improved EHR documentation, and decreased medical supply waste and shrinkage. Our partnership with Rockford Memorial Hospital succeeded so well that the initial order of a few workstations was aggressively expanded. Now they are installed in every patient room (396 beds), along most corridors, and even in some emergency rooms.

“The WALLAROO® workstations have worked out very well for us,” said Larry Minor. “Those treating the patient have convenient access to health records where they need them the most, at the point-of-care. We noticed a positive effect on workflow, and nurses are able to spend more time with patients.”

Partnering with Carstens and making the transition to EHR with the help of WALLAROO® workstations has improved patient care at Rockford Memorial Hospital. To discover how these units and our other technologically advanced healthcare support solutions can help your clinical facility serve its patients, visit us at

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