Entirely Custom Polyethylene Divider Sets for Ringbinders

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Create a fully customized ringbinder divider set featuring Carstens durable polythylene plastic dividers. You choose the color, tab size, tab position, color sequence and title format for each divider to build a completely customized system that accommodates your facility's unique workflow. The custom-imprinted titles are hot-foil stamped directly on the divider tabs so they won't fade or wear off. And with Carstens durable polythylene, these dividers are tear resistant and easy to clean – ideal for heavy use in any busy workplace.

  • Options for side-opening and top-opening ringbinders
  • Create from 3 to 11 divider tabs
  • 22 divider color options
  • Up to 3 lines per tab, up to 13 characters per line
  • Tabs are printed on one side only
  • Minimum 25 divider sets per order
  • Customized divider sets are not returnable

Create your customized ringbinder divider set below or click here to download a PDF order form.

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