Medical Grade Extension Cord

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Carstens medical-grade, coiled extension cord is a safe power solution for medical facilities, offices and more. The three-prong, grounded, coiled extension cord stretches from 6' to 9', great for powering electronic equipment on mobile desks, medical carts and other movable work surfaces.

  • Great for powering laptops, PC’s and other equipment on mobile desks and medical carts
  • Flexible, stretching cord helps avoid accidents and damage to electronics in busy places
  • Three-prong grounded Male end 5-15P
  • Three-pin recessed holes for Female end 5-15R
Medical Grade Extension Cord stretches 6'-9' with 5-15P plug and 5-15R female end.
More Information
Cart Compatibility WALKAroo LinkT (6920), WALKAroo 6930, WALKAroo 6430, WALKAroo 6402
Product Dimensions Stretches 6' to 9'
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