FUNCTIONAL AGILITY to Optimize Workflow

landing-lifestyle-ncFrom the durability and customization of our quality legacy charting systems, to the latest in advanced mobile and wall-mounted workstations, Carstens has versatile solutions to enhance your clinical environment and improve productivity, every day.

Our WALKAroo™ and WALLAroo® lines are designed to create efficiencies and increase point-of-care interaction, by keeping necessities on hand where they’re needed most. You can effectively manage medications, patient records, diagnostic equipment, supplies, and more. Seamlessly integrate technology and naturally encourage more face-to-face communication—while also adding to your daily job comfort—with our custom carts and workstations.

For streamlined record keeping, we’ve even created all-new charting system bundles …with everything you need for your specific clinical specialty, already included. Experience the difference that Carstens can make to strengthen personal relationships and increase patient satisfaction in your facility—with trusted products individualized to be the perfect ROO FOR YOU.

Ideal For Your Specialty:

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