Strong Leadership Starts With Family

Being a family owned and operated company since our inception, Carstens maintains a high level of commitment to putting our customers’ success first. Throughout our 125-year legacy, we have remained focused on healthcare and supporting its ever-changing needs—leading us to become one of the industry’s top suppliers. Today, more than 70% of the nation’s hospitals rely on our products and services to enhance their facilities. More physicians, nurses, clinicians, architects, designers, and buyers across the expanse of healthcare continue to trust us every day.

Over the years, we have earned a proven reputation of reliability and excellence thanks to the constant dedication of our specialized team. Our company is filled with knowledgeable and skilled professionals on all levels and throughout all disciplines—from upper management to the assembly line. Each individual truly believes that your satisfaction is our greatest success. And we all take great pride in the fact that our quality products continue to be 100% American made—designed, engineered and manufactured right here in the USA, for you.”

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