Everyone Wins with Decentralized Distribution

When it comes to improving the patient experience, it should come as no surprise that one of the most impactful areas to focus on is nurses. Improving their work environment and job satisfaction is key. Many nurses are already seeking employment in careers that are less stressful and demanding, and their workload is only going to increase as demand for those trained in the profession continues to rise. With recent workstation innovations however, there is a way to not only improve overall patient care, but also ease the workload of the nursing staff.

Once research proved the benefits decentralized nursing stations bring to a medical facility’s staff and patients, Carstens developed WALLAroo® wall-mounted workstations to securely store medication and electronic health record (EHR) equipment inside or directly outside of patient rooms. By moving medication and patient records to the point-of-care, nurses have convenient access to what they need while treating patients. They ultimately spend less time retrieving medication and experience fewer interruptions throughout their day.

When supply spaces and nursing stations are decentralized, patients are able to receive more individual care, because nurses have access to their electronic health records and medication while in the room with the patient. Tasks normally completed outside of the patient room at centralized nursing stations, such as entering health records or prepping medications, can be done at the bedside instead. Decentralized stations allow increased coverage for patients, using the same number of staff, while simultaneously decreasing the nurse’s workload and stress.

In a recent study Carstens found that when medication was stored inside of the patient room, nurse’s interruption time was reduced from 13.2 minutes to 4.3 minutes, and medication administration time was also reduced from 17.9 minutes to 9 minutes. Storing medication in WALLAroo® units in patient rooms reduced the workload and steps necessary for nurses and clinicians each day, which helps the staff from making otherwise avoidable errors.

WALLAroo® workstations not only help hospitals reduce costs, they also lead to improvements in patient safety and overall care. Critical errors can occur from mistakes in the documentation of health records or mixing up medications or dosage amounts. These mistakes are more avoidable when nurses are able to enter patient records and prep medications at the time they are treating the patient.

Centralized nurse stations are chaotic. They are noisy and often crowded, increasing the chances of disruption, leading to errors. Carstens is committed to providing an alternative that not only improves the job satisfaction of healthcare employees, but also the level and quality of care provided to the patients. Decentralized workstations are the best way to increase face-to-face interactions with patients and ease the workload of an already stressful job. Visit Carstens.com to learn about our wall-mounted workstations and check out our free resources on why decentralized workstations are not only a good alternative, but a necessary one for decentralized distribution.